COUPLES SESSIONS WITH ME ARE $500, I DON'T LIKE TO PUT A TIME LIMIT ON THE SESSION OR IMAGE CAP SO WE HANGOUT FOR AS LONG IS NEEDED FOR THE VISION. I so look forward to hearing from you, fill out my contact form and i'll get back to you within 24hrs.

Listen don't tell anyone I said this but couples sessions could be my favorite. AHHHH I love them so big. They're always a blast and I always leave on cloud nine. I do engagement sessions but also just anyone who's in love, let's hangout please? I know often times couples come into sessions thinking they are awkward or the guy isn't the most excited about photos, but I promise you'll forget all about those worries and you'r man will have just as much fun as you. You'll get in a lot of laughs and I won't do a lot of posing so really the whole time will feel natural as heck. I'd love to hangout with you, meet you, and capture your love story where it is right now.


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